Powering down the Pfam website
On October 5th, we began redirecting traffic from Pfam (pfam.xfam.org) to InterPro (www.ebi.ac.uk/interpro). The Pfam website will remain available at pfam-legacy.xfam.org until January 2023, when it will be decommissioned. You can read more about the sunset period in our blog post.

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About Pfam

Pfam version 35.0 was produced at the European Bioinformatics Institute using a sequence database called Pfamseq, which is based on UniProt release 2021_03.

Pfam is freely available under the Creative Commons Zero ("CC0") licence.

Pfam is powered by the HMMER3 package written by Sean Eddy and his group at HHMI/ Harvard University, and built by the Xfam consortium.

EMBL-EBI Harvard University SBC Biocomputing

Many organisations have supported Pfam activities in the past.

For more information, please contact the Pfam helpdesk.