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Clan: BECR (CL0688)


Barnase-EndoU-ColicinE5/D-RelE like nuclease Add an annotation

This clan includes RNase of the barnase/EndoU/colicin E5/D-RelE (BECR)-like fold. The BECR fold of metal-independent endoRNases are commonly observed and extensively diversified effectors across diverse prokaryotic conflict systems such as polymorphic toxin systems, plasmid-encoded bacteriocins, and TA systems. Although BECR fold proteins are often extensively elaborated with inserts or show structural modifications, they share a conserved core of an N-terminal helix followed by four or five strands. In addition to their presence in polyvalent proteins, solo versions of these BECR domains are also found in phages; we accordingly designate this clade the phage-BECR (PBECR) domains [1].

This clan contains 7 families and the total number of domains in the clan is 880. The clan was built by S El-Gebali.

Literature references

  1. Iyer LM, Burroughs AM, Anand S, de Souza RF, Aravind L;, J Bacteriol. 2017; [Epub ahead of print]: Polyvalent Proteins, a Pervasive Theme in the Intergenomic Biological Conflicts of Bacteriophages and Conjugative Elements. PUBMED:28559295 EPMC:28559295


This clan contains the following 7 member families:


Domain organisation

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Pfam family Num. domains Alignment
PBECR3 (PF18812) 207 (23.5%) View
PBECR2 (PF18810) 202 (23.0%) View
PBECR4 (PF18813) 186 (21.1%) View
MuF_C (PF18819) 154 (17.5%) View
PBECR1 (PF18809) 103 (11.7%) View
PBECR5 (PF18814) 14 (1.6%) View
DUF3519 (PF12033) 14 (1.6%) View
Total: 7 Total: 880 Clan alignment

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Family relationships

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Species distribution

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