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Clan: SICA_like (CL0474)


SICA alpha/beta like extracellular domains Add an annotation

The SICA (schizont-infected cell agglutination) proteins of P. knowlesi, one of the variant antigen gene families, are associated with parasitic virulence. These proteins are comprised of three domains (alpha, beta and C-terminal). The two extracelullar domains, termed SICA alpha and beta, occur with varying copy number. The alpha domain, although it appears to be related to the beta domain, contains few cysteine residues and is found between 1 and 2 times, compared with the beta domain that occurs between 1 and 10 times (when present) [1].

This clan contains 2 families and the total number of domains in the clan is 900. The clan was built by RD Finn.

Literature references

  1. Pain A, Bohme U, Berry AE, Mungall K, Finn RD, Jackson AP, Mourier T, Mistry J, Pasini EM, Aslett MA, Balasubrammaniam S, Borgwardt K, Brooks K, Carret C, Carver TJ, Cherevach I, Chillingworth T, Clark TG, Galinski MR, Hall N, Harper D, Harris D, Hauser H, Ivens A, Janssen CS, Keane T, Larke N, Lapp S, Marti M, Moule S, Meyer IM, Ormond D, Peters N, Sanders M, Sanders S, Sargeant TJ, Simmonds M, Smith F, Squares R, Thurston S, Tivey AR, Walker D, White B, Zuiderwijk E, Churcher C, Quail MA, Cowman AF, Turner CM, Rajandream MA, Kocken CH, Thomas AW, Newbold CI, Barrell BG, Berriman M;, Nature. 2008;455:799-803.: The genome of the simian and human malaria parasite Plasmodium knowlesi. PUBMED:18843368 EPMC:18843368


This clan contains the following 2 member families:

SICA_alpha SICA_beta

Domain organisation

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Pfam family Num. domains Alignment
SICA_beta (PF12878) 761 (84.6%) View
SICA_alpha (PF12887) 139 (15.4%) View
Total: 2 Total: 900 Clan alignment

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Species distribution

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