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Clan: VBS-like (CL0705)


VBS-like four-helical bundle superfamily Add an annotation

This superfamily groups families with the conserved four or five-helix up-and-down bundle structure which is conserved and typical of focal adhesion targeting (FAT) domains. This structure is responsible for dimerisation, being also present in transcriptional regulators in which it is important for their dynamic conformational equilibrium to control the target specificity.

This clan contains 9 families and the total number of domains in the clan is 22659. The clan was built by S Chuguransky and A Bateman.

Literature references

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This clan contains the following 9 member families:

CAS_C DUF1241 GCIP HIP1_clath_bdg I_LWEQ Serendipity_A Talin_middle VBS Vinculin

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Domain organisation

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The table below shows the number of occurrences of each domain throughout the sequence database. More...

Pfam family Num. domains Alignment
Vinculin (PF01044) 7946 (35.1%) View
I_LWEQ (PF01608) 4677 (20.6%) View
VBS (PF08913) 2530 (11.2%) View
CAS_C (PF12026) 2005 (8.8%) View
Talin_middle (PF09141) 1741 (7.7%) View
GCIP (PF13324) 1699 (7.5%) View
HIP1_clath_bdg (PF16515) 1145 (5.1%) View
DUF1241 (PF06840) 806 (3.6%) View
Serendipity_A (PF05482) 110 (0.5%) View
Total: 9 Total: 22659 Clan alignment

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Family relationships

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Species distribution

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For those sequences which have a structure in the Protein DataBank, we use the mapping between UniProt, PDB and Pfam coordinate systems from the MSD group, to allow us to map Pfam domains onto UniProt three-dimensional structures. The table below shows the mapping between the Pfam families in this clan, the corresponding UniProt entries, and the region of the three-dimensional structures that are available for that sequence.

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