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Clan: GBD (CL0202)


Galactose-binding domain-like superfamily Add an annotation

This large superfamily contains beta sandwich domains with a jelly roll topology. Many of these families are involved in carbohydrate recognition. Despite sharing little sequence similarity they do share a weak sequence motif, with a conserved bulge in the C-terminal beta sheet. The probable role of this bulge is in bending of the beta sheet that contains the bulge. This enables the curvature of the sheet forming the sugar binding site [1].

This clan contains 71 families and the total number of domains in the clan is 206217. The clan was built by A Bateman.

Literature references

  1. Murzin AG, Bateman A; , Proteins 1997;1:105-112.: Distant homology recognition using structural classification of proteins. PUBMED:9485501 EPMC:9485501


This clan contains the following 71 member families:

7TMR-DISMED2 Agarase_CBM Allantoicase ANAPC10 Arabino_trans_C Bac_rhamnosid_N BcsB BetaGal_dom4_5 BPA_C Calpain_III CBM-like CBM27 CBM32 CBM46 CBM60 CBM65_1 CBM_11 CBM_15 CBM_17_28 CBM_26 CBM_35 CBM_4_9 CBM_6 CE2_N CIA30 Clenterotox Cry1Ac_D5 DUF1883 DUF4465 DUF4627 DUF5000 DUF5010_C DUF5077 DUF5625 DUF642 Endotoxin_C Ephrin_lbd Exop_C F5_F8_type_C FBA FlhE GH101_N GH115_C Glft2_N Glyco_hydro_2_N GxDLY HA70_C Laminin_B Laminin_N Lectin_like Lipl32 Lyase_N Malectin Malectin_like Muskelin_N NPCBM P_proprotein PA-IL PAW PCMD PepX_C PINIT PITH PPC PulA_N1 Sad1_UNC SGBP_B_XBD TcA_TcB_BD Thioredoxin_10 XRCC1_N YpM

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Domain organisation

Below is a listing of the unique domain organisations or architectures from this clan. More...

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The table below shows the number of occurrences of each domain throughout the sequence database. More...

Pfam family Num. domains Alignment
F5_F8_type_C (PF00754) 39647 (19.2%) View
Glyco_hydro_2_N (PF02837) 15806 (7.7%) View
Malectin_like (PF12819) 10339 (5.0%) View
Calpain_III (PF01067) 9530 (4.6%) View
Laminin_N (PF00055) 8854 (4.3%) View
PepX_C (PF08530) 8492 (4.1%) View
P_proprotein (PF01483) 8112 (3.9%) View
Ephrin_lbd (PF01404) 7835 (3.8%) View
Sad1_UNC (PF07738) 7431 (3.6%) View
Laminin_B (PF00052) 7404 (3.6%) View
Malectin (PF11721) 6836 (3.3%) View
CBM_4_9 (PF02018) 6550 (3.2%) View
CBM_6 (PF03422) 6407 (3.1%) View
BetaGal_dom4_5 (PF13364) 4975 (2.4%) View
ANAPC10 (PF03256) 4585 (2.2%) View
Allantoicase (PF03561) 4516 (2.2%) View
Bac_rhamnosid_N (PF08531) 4371 (2.1%) View
CIA30 (PF08547) 3745 (1.8%) View
PITH (PF06201) 3545 (1.7%) View
PPC (PF04151) 3466 (1.7%) View
DUF642 (PF04862) 3319 (1.6%) View
PINIT (PF14324) 3078 (1.5%) View
CBM-like (PF14683) 2939 (1.4%) View
7TMR-DISMED2 (PF07696) 2867 (1.4%) View
NPCBM (PF08305) 2222 (1.1%) View
FBA (PF04300) 1831 (0.9%) View
CBM_35 (PF16990) 1700 (0.8%) View
GH115_C (PF17829) 1686 (0.8%) View
BcsB (PF03170) 1188 (0.6%) View
CE2_N (PF17996) 1059 (0.5%) View
XRCC1_N (PF01834) 928 (0.5%) View
Muskelin_N (PF06588) 906 (0.4%) View
Glft2_N (PF17994) 780 (0.4%) View
Arabino_trans_C (PF14896) 760 (0.4%) View
PAW (PF04721) 747 (0.4%) View
Exop_C (PF18559) 650 (0.3%) View
Pfam family Num. domains Alignment
Thioredoxin_10 (PF17991) 613 (0.3%) View
CBM60 (PF16841) 583 (0.3%) View
PCMD (PF13201) 542 (0.3%) View
CBM_11 (PF03425) 515 (0.2%) View
TcA_TcB_BD (PF18276) 503 (0.2%) View
GxDLY (PF14607) 466 (0.2%) View
DUF5000 (PF16391) 454 (0.2%) View
Lectin_like (PF18560) 406 (0.2%) View
DUF5077 (PF16871) 364 (0.2%) View
DUF4465 (PF14717) 285 (0.1%) View
DUF1883 (PF08980) 267 (0.1%) View
CBM46 (PF18448) 243 (0.1%) View
DUF5010_C (PF18099) 242 (0.1%) View
Lyase_N (PF09092) 240 (0.1%) View
SGBP_B_XBD (PF18329) 226 (0.1%) View
BPA_C (PF18040) 183 (0.1%) View
FlhE (PF06366) 167 (0.1%) View
PulA_N1 (PF17999) 147 (0.1%) View
Agarase_CBM (PF17992) 124 (0.1%) View
GH101_N (PF17995) 70 (0.0%) View
CBM27 (PF09212) 69 (0.0%) View
CBM_26 (PF16824) 64 (0.0%) View
CBM65_1 (PF18259) 63 (0.0%) View
CBM32 (PF18344) 49 (0.0%) View
Lipl32 (PF12103) 46 (0.0%) View
DUF5625 (PF18539) 43 (0.0%) View
CBM_17_28 (PF03424) 32 (0.0%) View
PA-IL (PF07828) 30 (0.0%) View
DUF4627 (PF15425) 25 (0.0%) View
Endotoxin_C (PF03944) 23 (0.0%) View
CBM_15 (PF03426) 12 (0.0%) View
Clenterotox (PF03505) 9 (0.0%) View
HA70_C (PF17993) 4 (0.0%) View
Cry1Ac_D5 (PF17997) 2 (0.0%) View
YpM (PF09144) 0 (0.0%) View
Total: 71 Total: 206217
No alignment ℹ

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Family relationships

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Species distribution

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This tree shows the occurrence of the domains in this clan across different species. More...



For those sequences which have a structure in the Protein DataBank, we use the mapping between UniProt, PDB and Pfam coordinate systems from the MSD group, to allow us to map Pfam domains onto UniProt three-dimensional structures. The table below shows the mapping between the Pfam families in this clan, the corresponding UniProt entries, and the region of the three-dimensional structures that are available for that sequence.

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