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Numbers A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z
ID Accession SCOP identifier Description
2H CL0247 n/a 2H phosphoesterase superfamily
2heme_cytochrom CL0328 81342 Transmembrane di-heme cytochrome superfamily
30K_movement CL0571 n/a 30 kDa viral movement proteins superfamily
4Fe-4S CL0344 54862 4Fe-4S ferredoxins
4HB_MCP CL0457 47170 Aspartate chemoreceptor, signal-transduction ligand-binding
4H_Cytokine CL0053 47266 4-helical cytokine superfamily
4PPT CL0670 56214 4'-phosphopantetheinyl transferase superfamily
5_3_exonuc_C CL0464 47807 5'-3'-exonuclease C-terminal sub-region
6PGD_C CL0106 48179 6-phosphogluconate dehydrogenase C-terminal-like superfamily
6_Hairpin CL0059 48208 Six-hairpin glycosidase superfamily
AAA_lid CL0671 n/a AAA+ ATPase lid domain superfamily
AA_dh_N CL0603 53223 Aminoacid dehydrogenase-like, N-terminal domain superfamily
ABC-2 CL0181 n/a ABC-2-transporter-like clan
ABC_membrane CL0241 90123 ABC transporter membrane domain clan
AbiEI CL0578 n/a Antitoxin of Type IV toxin-antitoxin, Abi system
AbrB CL0132 54742 AbrB/MraZ DNA-binding domain
AB_hydrolase CL0028 53474 Alpha/Beta hydrolase fold
AcetylDC-like CL0332 50692 Acetyl-decarboxylase like superfamily
Acetyltrans CL0257 55729 N-acetyltransferase like
ACT CL0070 55021 ACT-like domain
Actin_ATPase CL0108 53067 Actin-like ATPase Superfamily
Acyl-CoA_desat CL0713 n/a Integral membrane Acyl-coA desaturase superfamily
Acyl-CoA_dh CL0087 47203 Acyl-CoA dehydrogenase, C-terminal domain-like
AcylCoA_ox_dh_N CL0544 56645 Acyl-coenzyme A oxidase/dehydrogenase N-terminal
Acylphosphatase CL0622 54975 Acylphosphatase/BLUF domain-like superfamily
Acyltransferase CL0228 69593 Acyltransferase clan
Acyl_transf_3 CL0316 n/a Membrane acyl transferase superfamily
ADC-like CL0403 n/a Acetoacetate decarboxylase-like
ADF CL0092 55753 82754 Actin depolymerizing Factor
Adhesin CL0204 49401 Bacterial adhesin superfamily
ADP-ribosyl CL0084 56399 ADP-ribosylation Superfamily
AEP CL0243 56748 Archaeo-eukaryotic primase
Aerolisin_ETX CL0345 56973 Aerolysin/ETX pore-forming domain superfamily
aG_PT CL0686 n/a Alpha-glutamyl/putrescinyl thymine phosphorylase
Aha1_BPI CL0648 55393 Aha1/BPI domain-like superfamily
AhpD-like CL0423 69118 AhpD-like superfamily
AIG2 CL0278 n/a AIG2/ChaC-like superfamily
AlbA CL0441 82704 RNA-DNA binding Alba-like superfamily
ALDC CL0615 117856 ALDC superfamily
ALDH-like CL0099 53720 ALDH-like superfamily
Alk_phosphatase CL0088 53649 Alkaline phosphatase-like
Allatostatin CL0284 n/a Allatostatin superfamily
Amidohydrolase CL0034 51556 Amidohydrolase superfamily
AMP-binding_C CL0531 n/a AMP-binding enzyme C-terminal domain superfamily
AmpE_CobD-like CL0685 n/a AmpE/CobD like
AMP_N-like CL0356 53092 Creatinase/prolidase N-terminal domain superfamily
Ank CL0465 48403 Ankyrin repeat superfamily
ANL CL0378 56801 ANL superfamily
Anoctamin-like CL0416 n/a Transmembrane protein families of the Anoctamin type
Anti-sigma_N CL0645 89069 N-terminal, cytoplasmic domain of anti-sigma factor superfamily
Antibiotic_NAT CL0627 110710 DUF436/YokD-like superfamily
Antihemostatic CL0620 57262 Leech antihemostatic protein superfamily
AOC_barrel CL0650 141492 AOC barrel-like superfamily
APC CL0062 n/a APC superfamily
APCOP-app_sub CL0545 55711 Clathrin (AP) and COPI appendage platform subdomain
Apoptosis-Inhib CL0453 n/a Inhibitors of suppressors of apoptosis Bax/Bak
Aquaporin-like CL0716 n/a Aquaporin-like superfamily
ArdcN CL0700 n/a ArdcN superfamily
Arginase CL0302 52768 Arginase/deacetylase superfamily
Arrestin_N-like CL0135 81291 Arrestin_N-like
AsmA-like CL0401 n/a AsmA-like OmpF regulator protein superfamily
Asp-glut_race CL0399 53681 Aspartate/glutamate racemase superfamily
AT14A-like CL0133 n/a AT14A-like
ATP-grasp CL0179 56059 ATP-grasp superfamily
ATPase_I_AtpR CL0478 n/a F-type and N-type ATPase, I/AtpR subunit
ATP_synthase CL0255 n/a ATP synthase F0 subunit
AVL9 CL0330 n/a Late secretory pathway transport machinery
Bacteriocin_TLN CL0446 n/a Translocation domain of colicin-like bacteriocins
bBprotInhib CL0354 50882 beta-Barrel protease inhibitors
BCLiA CL0551 56854 Bcl-2 inhibitors of programmed cell death
BECR CL0688 n/a Barnase-EndoU-ColicinE5/D-RelE like nuclease
BET CL0665 n/a BET superfamily
Beta-lactamase CL0013 56601 Serine beta-lactamase-like superfamily
Beta-tent CL0080 51316 Beta-tent fold
Beta_propeller CL0186 n/a Beta propeller clan
beta_Roll CL0592 51120 beta-strand roll of R-module, superfamily
Bet_v_1_like CL0209 55961 Bet v 1 like
BIR-like CL0417 57925 BIR-like domains
BPD_transp_1 CL0404 n/a BPD transporter like
BRCT-like CL0459 52113 BRCT like
bZIP CL0018 n/a bZIP-like leucine zipper
B_Fructosidase CL0143 75005 Beta fructosidase superfamily
B_GA CL0598 46997 Bacterial immunoglobulin/albumin-binding domain superfamily
C1 CL0006 57889 Protein kinase C, C1 domain
C1q_TNF CL0100 49842 C1q and TNF superfamily
C2 CL0154 49562 C2 superfamily
C2H2-zf CL0361 57667 Classical C2H2 and C2HC zinc fingers
Cache CL0165 n/a Cache-like domain
Calcineurin CL0163 56300 Calcineurin-like phosphoesterase superfamily
Calycin CL0116 50814 Calycin superfamily
CAP CL0659 n/a Cysteine-rich secretory proteins
CAP_C-like CL0391 69340 Adenylate cyclase associated (CAP) C terminal like
Cargo_bd_muHD CL0448 49447 Second domain of Mu2 adaptin subunit (ap50) of ap2 adaptor
Cas9_lobe CL0693 n/a Cas9 helical lobe domain
CBD CL0203 49384 Carbohydrate binding domain superfamily
CBD9-like CL0559 49344 Small molecule-binding and fam 9 carbohydrate-binding module
CBM CL0535 51055 Carbohydrate-binding superfamily
CBM_14_19 CL0155 57625 Carbohydrate binding domain 14/19 clan
CCCH_zf CL0537 90229 CCCH-zinc finger
CcdB_PemK CL0624 50118 Cell growth inhibitor/plasmid maintenance toxic component superfamily
CCT CL0281 n/a CCT like-motif
CDA CL0109 53927 Cytidine deaminase-like (CDA) superfamily
CDC CL0293 n/a Cholesterol-dependent cytolysin superfamily
Cdc48_2-like CL0402 54585 Cdc48 domain 2-like
CH CL0188 47576 Calponin homology domain
Chalcone-like CL0560 54626 Chalcone isomerase-like superfamily
Chaperone-J CL0392 46565 Chaperone J-domain superfamily
CHCH CL0351 n/a Coiled-coil helix coiled-coil helix superfamily
CheC-like CL0355 103039 CheC-like superfamily
Chelatase CL0043 53800 Chelatase Superfamily
Chemosens_recp CL0176 n/a Chemosensory 7tm receptor superfamily
CheY CL0304 52172 CheY-like superfamily
CheY-binding CL0634 55052 CheY-binding domain of CheA superfamily
Choline_binding CL0694 n/a Choline binding repeat superfamily
CI-2 CL0367 54654 CI-2 family of serine protease inhibitors
CLIP CL0678 n/a CLIP domain superfamily
ClpP_crotonase CL0127 52096 ClpP/Crotonase superfamily
CNF1_YfiH CL0663 n/a CNF1/YfiH-like putative cysteine hydrolases
CoA-acyltrans CL0149 52777 CoA-dependent acyltransferase superfamily
Cob_adeno_trans CL0601 89028 Cobalamin adenosyltransferase-like superfamily
Colicin_D_E5 CL0640 102824 Colicin D/E5 nuclease domain superfamily
Colipase CL0621 57190 Colipase-like superfamily
ComplexI-N CL0425 n/a NADH dehydrogenase I, subunit N
Concanavalin CL0004 49944 Concanavalin-like lectin/glucanase superfamily
CopD_like CL0430 n/a Copper resistance protein D
COX1-like CL0714 n/a Cytochrome c oxidase subunit I-like superfamily
CPA_AT CL0064 n/a CPA/AT transporter superfamily
CRAL_TRIO CL0512 52087 CRAL-TRIO domain superfamily
CTC1 CL0586 n/a CST, telomere maintenance, complex subunit CTC1
CTPT CL0234 n/a CTP transferase-like superfamily
CuAO_N2_N3 CL0047 54416 Copper amine oxidase, domains 1 and 2
CUB CL0164 49854 CUB clan
Cupin CL0029 51181 Cupin fold
CU_oxidase CL0026 49503 Multicopper oxidase-like domain
Cyclin CL0065 47954 Cyclin-like superfamily
Cyclophil-like CL0475 50891 Cyclophilin-like superfamily
Cystatin CL0121 54403 Cystatin-like superfamily
Cystine-knot CL0079 57501 Cystine-knot cytokine superfamily
CYTH CL0273 55154 CYTH-like phosphatase superfamily
Cytochrome-c CL0318 46626 Cytochrome c superfamily
C_Lectin CL0056 56436 C-type lectin-like superfamily
DALR CL0258 47323 DALR superfamily
DAP_epimerase CL0288 54506 DAP epimerase superfamily
DBL CL0195 n/a Duff-binding like superfamily
Death CL0041 47986 Death Domain Superfamily
Defensin CL0075 57392 Defensin/myotoxin-like superfamily
DHFred CL0387 53597 Dihydrofolate reductase-like
DHQS CL0224 56796 Dehydroquinate synthase-like superfamily
Di-copper CL0205 48056 Di-copper centre-containing domain
Dim_A_B_barrel CL0032 54909 Dimeric alpha/beta barrel superfamily
DinB CL0310 109854 DinB-like superfamily
DmpA_ArgJ CL0635 56266 DmpA/ArgJ-like superfamily
DMSO_reductase CL0308 n/a Dimethyl sulfoxide reductase type II family
DMT CL0184 n/a Drug/Metabolite transporter superfamily
DNA-mend CL0382 56349 DNA breaking-rejoining enzyme superfamily
DnaA_N CL0494 n/a DNA-A N-terminal domain-like superfamily
DNase_I-like CL0530 56219 DNase I-like
DNA_b-psBarrel CL0405 101936 DNA-binding pseudo-barrel domain
DNA_clamp CL0060 55979 DNA clamp superfamily
DNA_ligase CL0078 50249 DNA/RNA ligase superfamily
DNA_pol_B-like CL0194 56673 DNA polymerase B like
DNA_primase_lrg CL0242 n/a DNA primase large subunit like
DoxD-like CL0131 n/a DoxD-like
DPBB CL0199 50685 Double Psi beta barrel glucanase
DsrEFH-like CL0394 75169 DsrEFH-like superfamily
DSRM CL0196 54768 DSRM-like clan
DUF1214 CL0528 n/a DUF1214-like
DUF1735 CL0594 n/a DUF1735-like superfamily
DUF362 CL0471 n/a DUF362-like superfamily
dUTPase CL0153 51283 dUTPase like superfamily
E-set CL0159 49313 Ig-like fold superfamily (E-set)
EAD1 CL0699 n/a EAD1-like clan
EDD CL0245 n/a EDD superfamily
EF-G_C CL0437 54980 Transcription elongation factor G C-terminal
EFTPs CL0575 50447 Translation proteins of Elongation Factors superfamily
EF_hand CL0220 47473 EF-hand like superfamily
EGF CL0001 57196 EGF superfamily
eIF4e CL0625 55418 eIF4e-like superfamily
EMC6 CL0706 n/a EMC6
EndoU CL0695 n/a EndoU-like endoribonuclease superfamily
Enolase_N CL0227 54826 Enolase N-terminal domain-like superfamily
Enolase_TIM CL0256 51604 Enolase like TIM barrel
ENTH_VHS CL0009 n/a ENTH/ANTH/VHS superfamily
EpsM CL0331 103054 General secretion pathway protein M
EPT_RTPC CL0290 55205 EPT/RTPC-like superfamily
EspA_CesA CL0628 116927 EspA/CesA-like superfamily
EsxAB CL0352 140453 WXG100-A/WXG100-B dimer
ETAP CL0610 50090 Electron transport accessory protein superfamily
F-box CL0271 81383 F-box-like domain
FAD-oxidase_C CL0277 55103 FAD-linked oxidase C-terminal domain superfamily
FadR-C CL0388 48008 Fatty acid responsive transcription factor FadR, C-terminal domain
FAD_DHS CL0085 52467 DHS-like NAD/FAD-binding domain
FAD_Lum_binding CL0076 63380 Riboflavin synthase/Ferredoxin reductase FAD binding domain
FAD_oxidored CL0086 51730 FAD-linked oxidoreductase
FAD_PCMH CL0077 56176 PCMH-like FAD binding
FAH CL0377 56529 Fumarylacetoacetate hydrolase, C-terminal domain, superfamily
FBA CL0162 n/a F-box associated
FBD CL0289 103026 Folate binding domain
Fer2 CL0486 54292 2Fe-2S iron-sulfur cluster binding domain
Fer2_BFD CL0667 n/a Bacterioferritin-associated ferredoxin superfamily
FERM_M CL0632 47031 FERM middle domain superfamily
Ferritin CL0044 47240 Ferritin-like Superfamily
FF CL0584 81698 FF domain
FG_rpt CL0647 n/a Nucleoporin FG repeat
Fibrinogen_C CL0422 56496 Fibrinogen C-terminal domain-like
FimbA CL0450 n/a Fimbriae A and Mfa superfamily
FixH-like CL0488 n/a FixH-like
FKBP CL0487 54534 FKBP-like superfamily
Flavoprotein CL0042 52218 Flavoprotein
FliG CL0436 48029 Flagellar motor switch family
FMN-binding CL0336 50475 FMN-binding split barrel superfamily
FMN-dep-NRtase CL0529 55469 FMN-dependent nitroreductase-like
FnI-like CL0451 57603 von Willebrand Factor like superfamily
Form_Glyc_dh CL0325 52283 Formate/glycerate dehydrogenase catalytic domain-like superfamily
Frag1-like CL0412 n/a Frag1 like
FtsL CL0225 n/a FtsL-like superfamily
FucI-AraA_C CL0393 50443 FucI/AraA C-terminal domain-like [50443]
FumRed-TM CL0335 81343 Fumarate reductase respiratory complex transmembrane subunits
Fungal_trans CL0507 n/a Fungal specific transcription factor domain
FUSC CL0307 n/a Fusaric acid resistance protein-like superfamily
Fusion_gly CL0595 n/a Fusion glycoprotein superfamily
Fz CL0644 63501 Frizzled cysteine-rich domain-related superfamily
G-PATCH CL0449 n/a DExH-box splicing factor binding site
G5 CL0593 n/a B region of SasG biofilm-forming surface protein
GAD CL0250 55261 GAD domain superfamily
GADPH_aa-bio_dh CL0139 51800 Amino acid biosynthesis and glycosomal dehydrogenase
GAF CL0161 55781 GAF domain-like
GAG-polyprotein CL0523 n/a LTR-copia-type polyprotein segment
Gain CL0661 n/a GPCR autoproteolysis inducing
Gal_mutarotase CL0103 74650 Galactose Mutarotase-like superfamily
GAP CL0409 48350 GTPase activation domain superfamily
GatB_YqeY CL0279 89095 YqeY-like superfamily
GBD CL0202 49785 Galactose-binding domain-like superfamily
GCP CL0540 n/a Gamma-tubulin complex superfamily
gCrystallin CL0333 49695 Gamma-Crystallin-like superfamily
GCS CL0286 55931 gamma-glutamylcysteine synthetase/glutamine synthetase clan
GFP CL0069 54511 GFP-like superfamily
GF_recep_C-rich CL0547 57184 Growth factor receptor Cys-rich
GG-leader CL0400 n/a Double-Glycine leader-peptide cleavage motif
GH57_38_middle CL0599 88688 Families 57/38 glycoside transferase middle domain superfamily
GHD CL0369 51011 Glycosyl hydrolase domain superfamily
GHMP_C CL0677 n/a GHMP C-terminal domain superfamily
GH_CE CL0158 88713 Glycoside hydrolase/deacetylase superfamily
GIY-YIG CL0418 82771 GIY-YIG endonuclease superfamily
GlnB-like CL0089 54913 GlnB-like superfamily
Globin CL0090 46458 Globin-like
GlpM-like CL0420 n/a Bacterial membrane GlpM-like group
Glutaminase_I CL0014 52317 Class-I Glutamine amidotransferase superfamily
Glycine-zipper CL0500 n/a Glycine-zipper TM superfamily
Glyco_hydro_tim CL0058 51445 Tim barrel glycosyl hydrolase superfamily
Glyoxalase CL0104 54593 VOC superfamily
GME CL0197 55909 GME superfamily
GOLD-like CL0521 101576 Sec14-like superfamily of golgi trafficking
Golgi-transport CL0145 103657 64598 Golgi-transport
Golgi_traff CL0456 n/a Shuttling between cyosol and Golgi, peripheral membrane family
GPCR_A CL0192 81321 Family A G protein-coupled receptor-like superfamily
GroES CL0296 50129 GroES-like superfamily
GST_C CL0497 47616 Glutathione S-transferase, C-terminal domain
GT-A CL0110 53448 Glycosyl transferase clan GT-A
GT-B CL0113 53756 Glycosyl transferase clan GT-B
GT-C CL0111 n/a Glycosyl transferase GT-C superfamily
Gx_transp CL0315 n/a Gx transporter superfamily
GYF CL0673 n/a GYF domain
H-int CL0363 51294 Hedgehog/intein (Hint) superfamily
H2TH CL0303 46946 Helix-two-turns-helix superfamily
HAD CL0137 56784 HAD superfamily
HAMP CL0681 n/a HAMP domains
HAS-barrel CL0275 n/a HAS-barrel superfamily
HD_PDEase CL0237 109604 HD/PDEase superfamily
Hect CL0552 56204 Hect, E3 ligase catalytic domain
HeH CL0306 63450 LEM/SAP HeH motif
HemS_ChuX CL0312 144064 Heme iron utilization protein-like superfamily
Herpes_glyco CL0146 n/a Herpes glycoprotein
HEXAPEP CL0536 51161 Hexapeptide repeat superfamily
Hexon CL0611 49749 Hexon-like superfamily
Hexosaminidase CL0546 55545 beta-N-acetylhexosaminidase-like domain
HHH CL0198 n/a Helix-hairpin-helix superfamily
His-Me_finger CL0263 54060 His-Me finger endonuclease superfamily
Histone CL0012 47113 Histone superfamily
His_Kinase_A CL0025 47384 His Kinase A (phospho-acceptor) domain
His_phosphatase CL0071 53254 Histidine phosphatase superfamily
HIT CL0265 54197 HIT superfamily
HMA CL0704 55008 HMA domain superfamily
HMG-box CL0114 47095 HMG-box like superfamily
HNOX-like CL0210 111126 Heme NO and oxygen binding like
HO CL0230 48613 Heme oxygenase-like superfamily
Holin-II CL0563 n/a Bacteriophage holin superfamily II
Holin-III CL0564 n/a Holin superfamily III
Holin-V CL0562 n/a Holin superfamily V
Homing_endonuc CL0324 55608 Homing endonuclease-like superfamily
HotDog CL0050 54637 HotDog superfamily
HRDC-like CL0426 47819 HRDC-like superfamily
HSP20 CL0190 49764 HSP20-like chaperone superfamily
HTH CL0123 46785 46894 88659 46689 48295 Helix-turn-helix clan
HUH CL0481 143422 His-hydrophobic-His tranposase Y1,Y2 superfamily
HUP CL0039 52403 82359 52410 52375 52394 HUP - HIGH-signature proteins, UspA, and PP-ATPase.
Hy-ly_N CL0372 48234 Hyaluronate lyase-like catalytic, N-terminal domain
Hybrid CL0105 51229 Barrel sandwich hybrid superfamily
Hydrophilin CL0385 n/a Hydrophilin-like superfamily
Hypoth_1 CL0447 n/a DUF1304/DUF3784 clan
IDO-like CL0380 140959 Indolic compounds 2,3-dioxygenase-like superfamily
Ig CL0011 48726 Immunoglobulin superfamily
IHF-likeDNA-bdg CL0548 47729 IHF-like DNA-binding protein superfamily
IIaaRS-ABD CL0458 52954 Class II aaRS Anticodon-binding domain-like
Inovirus-Coat CL0371 57987 Inovirus (filamentous phage) major coat protein
Insulin CL0239 56994 Insulin-like superfamily
Intron-mat_II CL0359 n/a Type II intron maturase-like superfamily
Ion_channel CL0030 81323 Ion channel (VIC) superfamily
ISOCOT_Fold CL0246 100950 Isomerase,CoA transferase & Translation initiation factor Superfamily
Iso_DH CL0270 53659 Isocitrate/Isopropylmalate dehydrogenase-like superfamily
ISP-domain CL0516 50022 Rieske-like iron-sulphur domain
IT CL0182 n/a IT (Ion Transporter) superfamily
JAB CL0366 n/a JAB-like superfamily
KA1-like CL0573 103243 Kinase associated domain 1-like
KaiA_RbsU CL0637 101215 KaiA/RbsU domain superfamily
Kazal CL0005 57467 Kazal like domain
Keratin_assoc CL0520 n/a Keratin_associated superfamily
KH CL0007 54791 K-Homology (KH) domain Superfamily
KIX_like CL0589 47040 Kix domain of CBP (creb binding protein) and MED13/15
Kleisin CL0157 n/a Kleisin superfamily
Knottin_1 CL0054 57095 Scorpion toxin-like knottin superfamily
KNTase_C CL0291 81593 Nucleotidyltransferase substrate binding domain
KOW CL0107 50104 KOW domain
Kringle CL0602 57440 Kringle/FnII superfamily
l-integrase_N CL0469 47823 lambda integrase N-terminal domain
L27 CL0614 101288 L27 domain superfamily
Lag3_N CL0720 n/a Lag3 N-terminal region superfamily
LAMP CL0721 n/a LAMP superfamily
LCCL-domain CL0513 69849 LCCL-domain like
LDH_C CL0341 56327 LDH C-terminal domain-like superfamily
LEF-8-like CL0410 63562 LEF-8 like region of RNA polymerase Rpb2
Leu-IlvD CL0364 52016 LeuD/IlvD-like
Leukocidin CL0636 56959 Leukocidin-like superfamily
Levi_coat CL0626 55405 RNA bacteriophage capsid protein superfamily
LIG CL0532 63707 Lipid-binding Ig-like superfamily
LigB CL0283 53214 LigB-like superfamily
LisH CL0561 n/a LisH-like
LolA_LolB CL0048 89392 LolA/B superfamily
LppaM CL0421 n/a Lipo-protein attachment motif superfamily
LRR CL0022 50246 Leucine Rich Repeat
LTXXQ-like CL0515 n/a LTXXQ-like superfamily
LYR-like CL0491 n/a Complex1_LYR-like superfamily
LysE CL0292 n/a LysE transporter superfamily
LysM CL0187 54106 LysM-like domain
Lysozyme CL0037 53955 Lysozyme-like superfamily
M6PR CL0226 50911 Mannose 6-phosphate receptor
MACRO CL0223 52949 MACRO domain superfamily
Mad2 CL0651 56019 Mad2 superfamily
Maf CL0269 52972 Maf/Ham1 superfamily
Man_lectin CL0568 51101 Mannoase-binding lectin superfamily
Marvel-like CL0396 n/a MARVEL domain containing superfamily
Matrix CL0074 47836 Retroviral matrix superfamily
MazG CL0231 n/a all-alpha NTP pyrophosphohydrolase superfamily
MBB CL0193 56924 Outer membrane beta-barrel protein superfamily
MBD-like CL0081 54171 MBD-like DNA-binding domain
MBG CL0682 n/a Mirror Beta Grasp superfamily
MBOAT-like CL0517 n/a Membrane-bound O-acyltransferase,MBOAT,superfamily
MCR CL0618 55088 Methyl-coenzyme M reductase subunit superfamily
Membrane_trans CL0142 81345 Membrane and transport protein
Metallo-HOrase CL0381 56281 Metallo-hydrolase/oxidoreductase superfamily
Metallothionein CL0461 57868 Metal-bound fold, usually iron, metallothionein superfamily
Methionine_synt CL0160 n/a Cobalamin-independent synthase
Met_repress CL0057 47598 MetJ/Arc repressor, antitoxin of TA systems superfamily
MFS CL0015 n/a Major Facilitator Superfamily
MHC CL0343 54452 MHC antigen-recognition domain
MICOS CL0683 n/a Mitochondrial contact site complex
MIF CL0082 55331 Tautomerase/MIF superfamily
Moesin_tail CL0719 n/a Moesin tail domain superfamily
Mog1p_PsbP CL0619 55724 Mog1p/PsbP-like superfamily
MORN CL0251 82186 MORN repeat
MPT63-MPB63 CL0524 81982 Antigen MPT63/MPB63 (immunoprotective extracellular
MTH1187-YkoF CL0360 89957 MTH1187/YkoF-like superfamily
MtN3-like CL0141 n/a MtN3-like, vesicle-trafficking cargo-receptors
Multiheme_cytos CL0317 48695 Multiheme cytochrome superfamily
MurF-HprK_N CL0365 63417 MurF and HprK N-domain-like superfamily
MviN_MATE CL0222 n/a MviN, MATE-like superfamily
NADP_Rossmann CL0063 51984 51904 51971 51734 FAD/NAD(P)-binding Rossmann fold Superfamily
NAD_Ferredoxin CL0091 52343 Ferredoxin / Ferric reductase-like NAD binding
NAD_kinase_C CL0701 n/a NAD-kinase beta sandwich domain superfamily
Nckap1_CYFIP1-2 CL0715 n/a Nckap1/CYFIP 1/2 superfamily
NFACT_RNA-bind CL0684 n/a NEMF/FbpA/Caliban/Tae2 RNA binding
NifU CL0232 n/a NifU C-terminal domain-like superfamily
NOG1_N CL0669 n/a NOG1 N-temrinal helical domain superfamily
NPR CL0435 n/a Nitrogen permease regulator family
Nribosyltransf CL0498 52309 N-(deoxy)ribosyltransferase-like superfamily
NTF2 CL0051 54427 NTF2-like superfamily
NTN CL0052 56235 NTN hydrolase superfamily
NTP_transf CL0260 81301 Nucleotidyltransferase superfamily
Nucleocapsid CL0156 n/a Mononegaviral nucleocapsid superfamily
Nucleoplasmin CL0055 88633 Nucleoplasmin-like/VP (viral coat and capsid proteins) superfamily
Nucleoporin_A CL0585 117289 Nucleoporin superfamily
Nucleot_cyclase CL0276 55073 Nucleotide cyclase superfamily
NUDIX CL0261 55811 NUDIX superfamily
NusB CL0633 48013 NusB-like superfamily
NusG-like CL0439 82679 NusG-like
O-anti_assembly CL0499 n/a O-antigen assembly enzyme superfamily
OB CL0021 50249 OB fold
OB_enterotoxin CL0658 n/a Bacterial enterotoxin OB-fold
Omega_toxin CL0083 57059 Omega toxin-like
OML_zippers CL0590 58042 Major outer membrane lipoprotein zipper superfamily
OstA CL0259 n/a OstA superfamily
Oxa1 CL0376 n/a Cytochrome oxidase biogenesis family
P-loop_NTPase CL0023 52540 P-loop containing nucleoside triphosphate hydrolase superfamily
p35 CL0672 49894 Baculovirus p35 protein superfamily
P53-like CL0073 49417 Beta-sandwich DNA-binding domain
PA14 CL0301 n/a PA14 superfamily
PAN CL0168 57414 PAN-like
pap2 CL0525 48317 Acid phosphatase/Vanadium-dependent haloperoxidase
PapD-like CL0556 49354 PapD-like superfamily,immunoglobulin-like beta sandwich
Paramyxovirin_C CL0577 n/a C protein of Paramyovirinae families
ParBc CL0248 110849 ParB-like superfamily
PAS_Fold CL0183 55785 PAS domain clan
Patatin CL0323 52151 Patatin/FabD/lysophospholipase-like superfamily
PAZ CL0638 101690 PAZ domain superfamily
PBP CL0177 n/a Periplasmic binding protein clan
PDDEXK CL0236 52980 PD-(D/E)XK nuclease superfamily
PDZ-like CL0466 50156 PDZ domain-like peptide-binding superfamily
Pec_lyase-like CL0268 51126 Pectate lyase-like beta helix
PELOTA CL0101 55315 Pelota - RNA ribose binding superfamily
Pentapeptide CL0505 141571 Pentapeptide repeat
PEP-carboxyk CL0374 53795 PEP carboxykinase-like superfamily
PepSY CL0320 n/a PepSY domain-like superfamily
PepSY_TM-like CL0490 n/a PepSY_TM-like
Peptidase_AA CL0129 50630 Peptidase clan AA
Peptidase_AD CL0130 n/a Peptidase clan AD
Peptidase_CA CL0125 54001 Peptidase clan CA
Peptidase_CD CL0093 52129 Peptidase clan CD
Peptidase_MA CL0126 55486 Peptidase clan MA
Peptidase_MD CL0170 55166 Peptidase MD
Peptidase_ME CL0094 63411 LuxS/MPP-like metallohydrolase
Peptidase_MH CL0035 53187 Peptidase clan MH/MC/MF
Peptidase_ML CL0095 53163 Peptidase Clan ML
Peptidase_PA CL0124 50494 Peptidase clan PA
Peptidase_SF CL0299 51306 Peptidase clan SF
Peptidase_SH CL0201 50789 Peptidase clan SH
Peptidase_U CL0472 n/a Peptidase clan U
Pept_Inhib_IE CL0096 57027 Peptidase Inhibitor Clan IE
Perilipin_sf CL0718 n/a Perilipin superfamily
Periplas_BP CL0144 53822 Periplasmic binding protein like
Peroxidase CL0617 48113 Heme-dependent peroxidases superfamily
Peroxisome CL0484 n/a Peroxisome-like domain
PF CL0431 55770 103196 Profilin-like superfamily
PFK CL0240 53784 111331 PFK-like superfamily
PFL-like CL0339 51998 PFL-like glycyl radical enzyme superfamily
PgaPase CL0379 53182 Pyroglutamate aminopeptidase superfamily
PGBD CL0244 47090 PGBD superfamily
PH CL0266 50729 PH domain-like superfamily
Phage-coat CL0373 n/a Phage coat superfamily
Phage_barrel CL0504 69279 Phage tail beta-barrel superfamily
Phage_fibre CL0606 69349 Phage fibre superfamily
Phage_TACs CL0567 n/a Phage tail assembly chaperone
Phage_tail CL0348 n/a Phage virion morphogenesis superfamily
Phage_tail_2 CL0691 n/a Phage tail like superfamily
Phage_tail_L CL0249 n/a Phage minor tail protein L clan
Phage_TTPs CL0569 n/a Phage tail tube proteins superfamily
PheT-TilS CL0383 56037 Phenylalanine- and lysidine-tRNA synthetase domain superfamily
PHM_PNGase_F CL0612 49742 PHM/PNGase F superfamily
PhosC-NucP1 CL0368 48537 Phospholipase C/P1 nuclease superfamily
Phosphatase CL0031 52799 Phosphatase superfamily
Phospoesterase CL0171 56655 inositol polyphosphate 1 phosphatase like superfamily
PhoU CL0297 109755 PhoU-like superfamily
PilP CL0655 n/a GspC HR domain/PilP-like superfamily
Pilus CL0327 54523 Pilus subunit
PIN CL0280 88723 PIN domain superfamily
PKinase CL0016 n/a Protein kinase superfamily
PK_TIM CL0151 51621 51645 Pyruvate kinase-like TIM barrel superfamily
PLA2 CL0629 48619 Phospholipase A2 superfamily
Plasmid-antitox CL0136 n/a Plasmid toxin-antitoxin system
PLAT CL0321 n/a PLAT domain like superfamily
PLC CL0384 51695 PLC-like phosphodiesterases
PLD CL0479 56024 Phospholipase D superfamily
PLP_aminotran CL0061 53383 PLP dependent aminotransferase superfamily
Polo-box CL0708 n/a Polo-box superfamily
post-AAA CL0604 48019 post-AAA+ oligomerization domain-like superfamily
Post-HMGL CL0597 89000 Post-HMGL domain-like superfamily
POTRA CL0191 n/a POTRA domain superfamily
POZ CL0033 54695 POZ domain superfamily
PP-binding CL0314 47336 ACP-like superfamily
PP2C CL0238 81606 PP2C-like superfamily
PPP-I CL0570 54897 Protease propeptides/inhibitors
PRC-barrel CL0350 50346 PRC-barrel like superfamily
PRD CL0166 63520 PRD domain superfamily
Pre-PUA CL0668 88802 Pre-PUA superfamily
PreATP-grasp CL0483 52440 Probable substrate-binding preceding ATP-grasp domain
Prefoldin CL0200 46579 Prefoldin
Prolamin CL0482 n/a Prolamin
PRTase-like CL0533 53271 PRPP synthetase-associated protein 1
PseudoU_synth CL0649 55120 Pseudouridine synthase superfamily
PSI CL0630 103575 Plexin fold superfamily
PspA CL0235 n/a PspA/ESCRT-III
PTase-anion_tr CL0340 55804 Phosphotransferase/anion transport protein superfamily
PTH2 CL0305 102462 Peptidyl-tRNA hydrolase II superfamily
PTS_EIIC CL0493 n/a Phosphotransferase system, EIIC superfamily
PUA CL0178 n/a PUA/ASCH superfamily
PUP CL0408 53167 Purine and uridine phosphorylase superfamily
RAMPS-Cas5-like CL0362 n/a CRISPR-associated (Cas) Repair Associated Mysterious Proteins
RAS_GEF_N CL0542 48366 Ras guanyl-nucleotide exchange factor activity N-term
RBP11-like CL0509 55257 RBP11-like subunits of RNA polymerase
RdRP CL0027 56695 RNA dependent RNA polymerase
Reductase_C CL0608 55424 FAD/NAD-linked reductase C-terminal domain superfamily
Reo_sigma CL0326 49835 Virus attachment protein superfamily
Rep CL0169 55464 Rep-like domain
Retroviral_zf CL0511 57756 Retrovirus zinc finger-like domains
RF CL0337 50475 Release factor superfamily
RGS CL0272 48097 RGS-like superfamily
Rhomboid-like CL0207 n/a Integral membrane protein / protease
Ribokinase CL0118 53613 Ribokinase-like superfamily
Ribos_L15p_L18e CL0588 52080 Ribosomal proteins L15 bacteria, L18e archaea
Ribo_L29 CL0346 46561 Ribosomal protein L29, L29p, superfamily
RIIa CL0068 47391 RIIa-like fold
RING CL0229 57850 Ring-finger/U-box superfamily
RMMBL_DRMBL CL0398 n/a RNA/DNA-metabolising metallo-beta-lactamase motif
RNase_H CL0219 53098 Ribonuclease H-like superfamily
RNase_III CL0539 69065 RNase III domain-like superfamily
RND_permease CL0322 n/a RND permease superfamily
Rof CL0639 101744 Rof/RNase P subunit-like superfamily
Rotavirus_VP7 CL0217 n/a Rotavirus VP7 protein
RRM CL0221 54928 RRM-like clan
Rubredoxin CL0045 57802 Rubredoxin-like
S11_L18p CL0267 53137 Ribosomal protein S11/L18p superfamily
S15_NS1 CL0600 47060 S15/NS1 RNA-binding domain superfamily
S24e_L23_L15e CL0652 54189 Ribosomal S24e, L23 and L15e superfamily
S4 CL0492 55174 S4 domain superfamily
S5 CL0329 54211 Ribosomal protein S5 domain 2-like superfamily
SAF CL0489 51269 SAF-like beta clip superfamily
SAM CL0003 47773 Sterile Alpha Motif (SAM) domain
Saposin_like CL0707 47862 Saposin-like superfamily
SCP2 CL0311 55718 SCP-2 sterol transfer superfamily
SDH_beta CL0697 n/a Serine dehydratase beta chain superfamily
Sec10 CL0294 n/a Sec10-like superfamily
Serum_albumin CL0282 48552 Serum albumin superfamily
SGNH_hydrolase CL0264 52266 SGNH hydrolase superfamily
SH2-like CL0541 55550 SH2, phosphotyrosine-recognition domain superfamily
SH3 CL0010 50044 Src homology-3 domain
ShK-like CL0213 57546 Sea anemone toxin k like
SHOCT CL0660 n/a SHOCT superfamily
SHS2 CL0319 55135 88797 69818 SHS2 domain
Sialidase CL0434 50939 Sialidase superfamily
SICA_like CL0474 n/a SICA alpha/beta like extracellular domains
SIS CL0067 53697 SIS domain fold
SLATT CL0676 n/a SMODS and LOG-Smf/DprA-Associating Two TM
SLOG CL0349 102405 SMF/DprA-LOG (SLOG)
Sm-like CL0527 n/a Sm (Small RNA binding protein domain)
SMAD-FHA CL0357 49879 SMAD/FHA domain superfamily
SNARE CL0212 64356 SNARE-like superfamily
SNARE-fusion CL0445 58038 SNARE-fusion membrane complex superfamily
SOCS_box CL0642 158235 SOCS-box like superfamily
SOR CL0503 49367 Superoxide reductase-like superfamily
sPC4_like CL0609 54447 PC4-like superfamily
SPFH CL0433 117892 SPFH superfamily
SPOC CL0616 100939 SPOC domain-like superfamily
SPOUT CL0098 75217 SPOUT Methyltransferase Superfamily
SRCR CL0550 56487 SRCR-like
SRP9_14 CL0623 54762 SRP alu RNA binding heterodimer, SRP9/14 superfamily
ssDNA_NP_VP CL0605 88645 ssDNA viruses Nucleoplasmin-like/VP coat superfamily
STAND_N CL0587 n/a N-terminal of fungal STAND proteins superfamily
STARBD CL0576 49452 Starch-binding domain like superfamily
STAS CL0502 52091 STAS domain superfamily
Steroid_dh CL0115 n/a Steroid oxidoreductase superfamily
STING CL0709 n/a STING domain superfamily
STIR CL0173 52200 STIR superfamily
Succ_CoA_synth CL0506 52210 Succinyl-CoA synthetase flavodoxin domain superfamily
SufE_NifU CL0233 82649 SufE/NifU superfamily
SUKH CL0526 n/a SUKH superfamily
T3SS CL0646 140591 Type III secretion system domain superfamily
T3SS-Chaperone CL0419 n/a Type III secretion system types a and b chaperone
T3SS-hook CL0424 n/a Type III secretion system-derived superfamily, hook-related
TACC CL0679 n/a Transforming acidic coiled-coil
Tad-like CL0496 n/a Flp pilus-biogenesis Tad-like superfamily
TAT CL0300 n/a Twin-Arginine Translocation Motif
TBP-like CL0407 55945 TATA-binding protein like
TerB CL0414 n/a Tellurits and antibiotic resistance superfamily
Terp_synthase CL0613 48576 Terpenoid synthases superfamily
Tetraspannin CL0347 48652 Tetraspannin-like
TetR_C CL0174 48498 TetR protein, C-terminal domain-like
THBO-biosyn CL0334 55620 Tetrahydrobiopterin biosynthesis-like enzyme superfamily
THDP-binding CL0254 88735 52518 Thiamin diphosphate-binding superfamily
Thiolase CL0046 53901 Thiolase-like Superfamily
Thioredoxin CL0172 52833 Thioredoxin-like
ThrE CL0470 n/a Threonine/Serine exporter ThrE superfamily
TIKI CL0572 159501 Tiki-like, or EreA-ChaN-like 2His 2Glu metallopreotease SF
TIMP-like CL0353 50242 TIMP-like superfamily
TIM_barrel CL0036 51395 63892 51351 51391 51412 51419 51690 51366 Common phosphate binding-site TIM barrel superfamily
TKC_like CL0591 52921 Transketolase C-terminal domain-like superfamily
TNF_receptor CL0607 57586 TNF receptor-like superfamily
TolA-TonB-Cterm CL0428 74653 74652 TolA/TonB C-terminal
TolB_N CL0342 52964 TolB, N-terminal domain
Toprim-like CL0413 110455 Toprim domain
TPA-repeat CL0462 n/a Transcription elongation factor C-terminal nonapeptide repeat
TPR CL0020 48452 Tetratrico peptide repeat superfamily
TRAF CL0389 49599 TRAF domain-like superfamily
Traffic CL0147 n/a Trafficking protein
Transporter CL0375 n/a Transporter-like superfamily, four TM region
Transthyretin CL0287 49482 49479 49472 Transthyretin superfamily
TRASH CL0175 n/a TRASH superfamily
TRB CL0206 50037 Transcriptional repressor beta-barrel domain
TrbC_VirB2 CL0690 n/a TrbC/VirB2 pilin superfamily
TrbL CL0698 n/a TrbL/VirB6 plasmid conjugal transfer protein
TRD CL0477 116734 DNA methylase specificity domain
Trefoil CL0066 50352 Beta-trefoil superfamily
Trigger_C CL0262 n/a Trigger factor/SurA domain
Triple_barrel CL0662 50916 Triple barrel superfamily
Triple_B_spiral CL0674 51225 Triple beta spiral
TrkA_C CL0582 116725 TrkA C-terminal domain-like
tRNA-IECD_N CL0476 55267 tRNA-intron endonuclease catalytic domain-like N-term
tRNA_bind_arm CL0298 46589 tRNA-binding arm superfamily
tRNA_synt_II CL0040 52375 Class II aminoacyl-tRNA and Biotin synthetases
Tropomyosin-lke CL0452 57997 Tropomyosin-like superfamily
TSP1 CL0692 82895 TSP1 superfamily
TSP3 CL0689 n/a Thrombospondin type 3 repeat superfamily
Tubby_C CL0395 54518 Tubby C-terminal domain-like
Tubulin CL0566 524907 Tubulin nucleotide-binding domain-like, GTPase
Tubulin_C CL0442 55307 Tubulin, FtsZ and Misato and their C-termini,
Tudor CL0049 54160 Tudor domain 'Royal family'
TusA-like CL0397 64307 TusA-like superfamily
TypeIII_Chap CL0097 69635 Type III secretory system chaperone
UB2H CL0664 n/a UB2H/UvrB interaction domain superfamily
UBA CL0214 46934 46929 UBA superfamily
UBC CL0208 54495 Ubiquitin conjugating enzyme like superfamily
Ubiquitin CL0072 81271 54285 54277 54236 Ubiquitin superfamily
UcrQ-like CL0429 81508 UcrQ-like
UIM CL0702 54236 Ubiquitin interacting motif
uPAR_Ly6_toxin CL0117 57302 uPAR/Ly6/CD59/snake toxin-receptor superfamily
Uteroglobin CL0370 48201 Uteroglobin-like superfamily
UTRA CL0122 64288 Chorismate lyase/UTRA superfamily
Vault CL0666 n/a Major Vault Protein repeat superfamily
VBS-like CL0705 47220 VBS-like four-helical bundle superfamily
VCCI CL0653 49889 VCCI superfamily superfamily
Vir CL0411 n/a Antigenic variants from Plasmodium cell-surface
Viral_Gag CL0148 58630 47353 Viral Gag protein
Viral_gly_cn_dm CL0543 56983 Viral glycoprotein central and dimerisation domains
Viral_NABP CL0140 n/a Viral nucleic acid binding
Vmethyltransf CL0696 n/a Viral methyltranferase superfamily
VPS23_C CL0596 140111 Endosomal sorting complex assembly domain
Vps51 CL0295 n/a Vps51 domain superfamily
VSA CL0656 n/a Variant surface antigens
vWA-like CL0128 53300 von Willebrand factor type A
WRKY-GCM1 CL0274 90073 WRKY-GCM1 superfamily
WW CL0680 n/a WW domain
WYL CL0654 n/a WYL-like superfamily
YbaB CL0717 n/a YbaB superfamily
YbjQ-like CL0522 117782 YbjQ-like superfamily
YeeE CL0710 n/a YeeE-like transporter superfamily
YgaC_TfoX-N CL0631 159894 YgaC/TfoX-N like superfamily
Yip1 CL0112 n/a Yip1/YIF1-like
YjbJ-CsbD-like CL0406 69047 YjbJ-CsbD-like superfamily
YjgF-like CL0534 55298 YjgF-like superfamily
YkuD CL0508 141523 L,D-transpeptidase catalytic domain
YqbG CL0643 116915 YqbG-like superfamily
YqgF CL0580 n/a YqgF-like family
YtcA CL0703 n/a YtcA-like superfamily
YycI_YycH CL0285 n/a YycI/YycH superfamily
zf-FYVE-PHD CL0390 57903 FYVE/PHD zinc finger superfamily
Zn_Beta_Ribbon CL0167 57783 Zinc beta-ribbon
Zn_chelatase CL0687 n/a Zinc chelating superfamily
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