Powering down the Pfam website
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Generate domain graphics for UniProt sequences

This tool allows you to generate Pfam-style domain graphics for specific UniProt sequences. You can also generate custom domain graphics by specifying your own domain graphics description.

In some browsers you can right-click on the domain graphics image and save it to your local disk. This is known to work with firefox. If you are using a different browser, you may need to capture the image as a screenshot in order to use it elsewhere.

Domain graphic

No graphic yet

UniProt sequence

Enter the UniProt sequence accession or ID:

Example sequence

Click to enter an example UniProt ID.


These parameters affect the size of the image. Increase X- and Y-scale to make the generated graphic larger.



Click "Generate" to build the domain graphic for the specified UniProt sequence. If there are any problems generating the graphic, they will be shown in a box below. Click "Clear" to empty the sequence accession/ID field.